Friday, 6 May 2016

MUA Single Eyeshadow - Champagne

When you become borderline highlighter obsessed and then your Mary Lou-Manizer breaks there is only one thing to do, break out what could possibly be one of the best cheap highlighters out there!

Ok so yes, this technically is an eyeshadow, but at £1 it really is a brilliant highlighter. The shade is just right and gives the best amount of subtle glow without being overly shimmery or glitter based. It's very subtle, which I love as I'm not into a heavy makeup look, but can easily be built up. 

I really love everything about this from the shade to how easy it is to blend. It's also very versatile you can use this as a highlighter but I also like to use this as my main eyeshadow with some winged liner and it looks great. 

Also MUA is a cruelty free brand so for all those against animal cruelty and try to shop brands that don't test on animals this is one you can use!