Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Barry M Showgirl Mascara Review

I am a huge mascara fan and I love a good mascara that can help to volumise my lashes and give them a real oomph! The Barry M showgirl mascara is perfect for this. 

The packaging on this is beautiful the pink mirrored tube and the stars on the lid, it's all so girly and actually looks more expensive then it is. 

The brush is pretty standard
It's your typical mascara brush not these plastic bristle types and is tapered at one end. 

I find this mascara is really great at giving volume to the roots my lashes and finds that it fans them out quite well so I often look like I have more lashes then I actually do. It is the first mascara in a long time I have used and gone 'oooh that's so good' 

What are your favourite mascaras? 

Barry M are cruelty free and against animal testing. 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

100 Days Of Makeup - Day 8 - 14

So here are days 8 - 12 in my 100 days of makeup, this was the week where I worked some long hours and had to have some really minimal makeup days! 

Day 8 (one of my favourites so far) 

Day 9

Day 10 

Day 11

Day 12 

Day 13 

Day 14 

It's obvious this week my staple lip colour was clueless from colourpop I really do love that shade I used it on day 8, 10, 11 and 13 it's such a good shade that goes with so many looks it's just an everyday shade for me! 

Hope you liked this weeks looks! One of my best ones with be going up on the next post! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram (search allthingskerri) I'm actually on day 17! 

Monday, 4 April 2016

Gosh Defining Brow Gel Shade 003 - Cruelty Free

Doing my eyebrows is both a necessity for me as well as a makeup step I never have the time for or the patience for. 

My brows are quite bold and long naturally however after a bad threading experience a few years back I have bald patches in my eyebrows. These bald patches are pretty obvious when I do nothing with my brows (which is most of the time) 

However when I found out that Gosh did an eyebrow gel that would be the perfect colour for my brows I decided I had to go and buy it.

Shade 003 in the defining brow gel is a brown/grey shade which is perfect for me. My brows lean in the dark grey side so this blends perfectly along with helping to mask the bald spots AND holding my brows in place. 

I find the spoolie a bit bigger then I would like however it's not too big that it's unusable on the eyebrows. However if you have quite thin brows I would probably give this a miss and find something with a smaller brush. 

Brows with the Gosh Defining Brow Gel 

As you can see it does help to hide that bald spot in my arch and kept my brows in place all day. 

Have you tried this brow gel? What easy to use brow products do you suggest? 

*Gosh is cruelty free (certified by peta)  and no products are tested on animals.