Thursday, 31 March 2016

False Nails

A while back on my blog you may have noticed I got myself some primark false nails. Since then I have tried a few and really found I enjoy wearing them. I love taking some time once a week to do my fake nails. It helps me feel like I've made an effort and I look a bit more put together! So today I just wanted to share some of the nails I have had the past month or so and share some nail tips! 

So some tips are, 

1) don't use super strong glue this tends to break your natural nails more. The best glue I have found is from primark and it costs about 60p! 

2) soak off your nails, don't rip them off. It's pretty self explanatory and you will keep your natural nails healthier.

3) file the edges of the fake nails so they are super smooth. It avoids catching your skin or clothes on them. 

4) carry glue with you, seriously nothing is worse then exposing a naked natural nail next to your beautiful false ones! 

5) try to nourish your natural nails when you can with oils or treatment top coats. Try to give your natural nails a break and treat them nicely! 

Do you wear fake nails? What ones are your favourites?