Tuesday, 29 March 2016

100 Days Of Makeup Day 1-7

So over on Instagram (you can find me by searching allthingskerri) I've started the 100 days of makeup challenge and I decided it could be good to do a weekly round up of the different looks I come up with here too. 

So let me start by saying I'm not the best at makeup! But I am good enough to feel happy with the outcome! I tend to keep thinks quite toned down as in I don't do the whole full coverage base, fully contoured wings on fleek look, mostly because for my skin type which is pretty dry it just would not work. I have been pretty obsessed with my makeup revolution fortune favours the brave palette so I have mostly been using that this week. Also this week I discovered my bathroom has the best lighting! 

So onto the makeup (these are all in day order) 

Hope you liked some of these! Let me know if you are doing the challenge too and I will follow you on Instagram!