Saturday, 27 February 2016

Menow Cosmetics - Matte Lip Stains

Lately I have been cleaning out my makeup and along with a whole new host of storage and a smaller collection, i found some hidden gems that I just forgot about. Some of these were the ever so popular 99p matte lipsticks from menow, which you can find on ebay.

I have 4 of them here to share with you and they are all beautiful colours.

From top to bottom I have
Shade 33 - A Wine Burgundy Red
Shade 18 - A Dusty Grey Toned Nude (Think Limecrime Cashmere)
Shade 32 - A Bright Muted Red
Shade 26 - A Pale Pink Nude

The swatches from Left to Right are; 33,18,26 and finally 32

I love the colour of these and the long lasting formula. They can be a tad bit drying on the lips but overall I love wearing them. If you want to test the waters with some matte lip colours you could do much worse then ordering these. I am glad I have rediscovered them and have enjoyed wearing them the last few days. The wear time on these is fantastic I have been able to eat food and drink with these on and they last hours without any noticeable shifting or crumbling. I wish I had a wider range of colours and that these came in a few more crazy colours, the whole collection has a lot of nudes and pinks but not a lot else in between unfortunatly.