Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Planning 2016

So I have one small new years resolution this morning and that is to be more organised. I try to remeber everything I need or want to do but other then knowing what my shifts are for work, I dont get very far. Especially where my blog and youtube are involved. It always seems to be the one thing to suffer, so this year I will attempt to be more organised with my time and write things down!

Basically from now on I will be organising my life using this pretty little diary I found from Calander Club.

The diary is a page a day, the sides of the pages are indended with each month so its easy to find the month you are after and each month also has a notes page so I can basically jot down any ideas I have or anything I dont want to forget.

I also have this super cute a5 gold chevron note pad which I will be using to note down all my blog post ideas and video ideas, because I often forget all of the ideas I had and I run out of things to write about!

So then we go onto the colour coding! Black ink pens are all about my work life, Red is about youtube, Blue is about my blog and Gold is any other things I need to jot down! I feel so organised!

I hope this helps me out a bit because I am so un-organised in my every day life its untrue! I would just sit around and do nothing if I could get away with it with because I really do not manage my time well!

What are some of your resolutions this year?