Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Primark False Nails

I have never been a lover of false nails. Some are hugely impractical and get in the way and others just don't fit my fingers very well.

I decided to pick up a pack of nails from primark because I really loved the design and for £1 I wouldn't mind too much if they did not end up fitting me too well. 

The design is really nice and I really like that there were twenty nails all in different sizes with glue (shocking at the price of these) 

I also really liked that I could wear mostly plain nails with one accent nail on each hand. Too much of this pattern would be a bit over the top! 

I like how these look I have since changed out the index finger to a slightly smaller nail size and they look much better now. The only let down with these is that you need a lot of glue for the nail to stick but otherwise they look bad feel great. And the actual length of the nail is really comfortable to wear. 

I really love these and won't hesitate to pick some more up!