Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Skull Makeup

I had a late Halloween outing the other day in the form of a pub quiz! I decided to do some skull makeup and took to lex from madewelook for some inspiration! I decided to go for a look where the skull underneath your skin looks like it's cracking out. 

To achieve the look I started to lightly draw in the place I wanted my skull to be. 

I also filled it in with white eyeliner. To make it a bit more intense I applied a white eyeshadow over the top. I started to define the cracks using grey eyeshadow and eyeliner. To do the nose and teeth I used black eyeliner defined with black shadow and used black shadow on my eye to make it look hollow. 

I completed the rest of my makeup with some grey winged liner and just added some shading where I thought  it was needed! 
Here's the final look 

This was actually really easy to do and I'm thinking of filming a tutorial on my YouTube channel Allthingskerri but I don't know if it's way too late!! 

What did you do for Halloween?