Friday, 6 November 2015

November Birchbox Skinny Dip Edition

This box looks beautiful I love the design this month! And if you were lucky enough you could upgrade your box for £4 and get a cute phone case with the same design. Sadly the case didn't fit my phone so I didn't get to do the upgrade. 

So what's inside?!

You get 
1. So Susan Mascara £18 (full size) 
I'm going to keep this one sealed and unused for a while because I have so many mascara a and if I open this O run the risk of wasting it. It's nice to see a full size product in this box. 

2. Lord and Berry silhouette lip liner. £9
I thought this was a mini white eyeliner when I first saw it, but it's actually a translucent lip liner! I've been after one of these for a very long time so I'm really excited to use it! 

3. Ren Nighttime Facial £32
If I am honest the Ren samples never excite me. This one I've had in a magazine or a different beauty box and like most Ren products it just didn't agree with my skin. 

4. Beauty Protector Body Lotion £8 I love the hair set angler from these guys and I've also had a body wash. I don't use a lot of lotions like this because they are too artificial for my sensitive skin but it can go to a good home. 

5. Delorom Crème Aquaconfort £35 
This is another skin care item. It has aloe Vera in which I love on my eczema prone skin. 

6. Thumbs Up Rosa Nail Wraps £6.99
These are a bonus and as we only get five wraps I doubt they are full sized but they are pretty and I am sure I will use them. 

All in all its a nice box with a good balance of products in there. There's also a few little bits that I am really excited to use! 

What have you had in your box?