Monday, 9 November 2015

Bioderma Micellar Water

Ever since I tried Micellar Water I have been a total convert and I use it all the time to take off my makeup because it's quick, easy and most importantly nice on my sensitive skin! 

I always figured that because Bioderma was the original Micellar Water there was a lot of hype surrounding it and it couldn't really be that much better then all the others could it? 

Well thanks to Birchbox this month I get to try a mini sample of Bioderma and I really put it to the test! 

I went to a late Halloween celebration night and decided to go with a classic skull for my face. Well not quite so classic as it was like my skin had cracked away to reveal a skull but anyway lots of black makeup to try and remove! I took one large cotton pad and here are my results. 

I was actually blown away with how this felt on my skin. It's so gentle and doesn't stink my eczema around my eyes (which were a little puffy after wearing so much makeup!) it removed even my waterproof mascara with ease. I am totally in love with this one and I don't think I will use my other Micellar waters now that's how good this one is. My other ones may require a few scrubs to get rid of stubborn makeup but this glides it all off with ease! 

Have you tried Bioderma yet?