Friday, 30 October 2015

Back with a change!!!

Hello strangers! I have been gone for a while I've had a seriously bad eczema flare up on my face legs and arms basically everywhere. I have also been setting up my new business it's going ok so far! But learning how to make 3d models is becoming a bit of a nightmare!! 

So Idecided to stay away from blogging as I felt a bit rubbish and just upload pre recorded videos to YouTube. I just had too much to concentrate on and it was making me severely stressed which in turn made my eczema worse. I don't have the balance figured out yet but I have a plan to make my one day off a week now work for me!! I may not post loads but I promise I will try to post! 

So what's the actual change going on?? Well I decided to cheer myself massively and got hair extensions and now I legitimately feel like a mermaid! It's been such a mood booster!! 

I am so happy with how they blend in with my normal hair! I am going to film a video about how to blend in extensions with fine hair because I have really fine hair but I have learnt a few good tips! 

What do you think of the hair extensions? 

Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Power Of Makeup

I am a huge believer in making yourself feel as comfortable as possible. For me that means being happy with myself and with new found confidence I feel pretty comfortable with or without makeup. 

However there is no denying that makeup can really help boost how you feel and that's why today I am sharing my 'power of makeup' face. Half of my fave is made up and half of it isn't. 

I have pretty uneven skin and redness around my eyes from eczema so I use makeup to help even everything out. I have pretty thin lips a few breakouts and balding eyebrows (seriously there's bald patches) but none of that really matters to me because I am comfortable in my skin. However when I do make myself up it makes me feel beautiful and no one can take that away from me. Makeup means a lot to different people and for me it's helping improve my mood it's never something I feel like I have to or should be doing! I think that's why I love makeup so much because it is for me. 

Why do you love makeup so much? And would you ever share a power of makeup picture?