Friday, 4 September 2015

The Joys of Pets

When I moved out of home the one thing I really missed was having a little fur baby that would cheer me up just by looking at them!

Me and Pawl have a pet chinchilla and while it took us a long time to settle on what kind of pet we wanted he really is a little addition to our family, despite the face we think he hates us....

Pets can bring huge amounts of joy, for me its whenever I look at Hyde he makes me smile, from his cute little hands holfing onto things to his grumpy moans when he wants me to put him down and stop holding him. To me Hyde is not an accesory or anything I felt I deserved, he is a pet I wanted to fit in with our lifestyle and love and care for, and in return he nibbles my fingers eats my hair and absolutely ruins any chance of having nice wallpaper (he loves to eat it off the walls) there are no words for the joy this little guy brings me and I just felt like showing him some love and sharing him with the world because while things can be pretty shit he always brightens my day!

He melts my heart.....look at his little paw holding his apple!!!