Wednesday, 23 September 2015

No7 Protect and Perfect Eye Cream

Skincare is becoming a really big deal for me especially as I am now in my late twenties and really trying to get a skin care routine nailed down that will work for my ageing, sensitive, eczema prone skin!

Really dry skin around my eyes is something I suffer with so much and when I have an eczema flare up, the skin often looks really dry saggy and wrinkled. I really wanted to find something that would help plump the skin back up really inject some moisture and be kind to my skin all at the same time.

I decided that the No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Eyecream might be good for me. It is probably aimed at more mature skin then mine but I figured it would be really hydrating, kind to my skin and help limit the appearance of my newly found eye wrinkles.

This has tonnes of ingredients aimed at reducing your wrinkles and trying to minimise the appearance of new ones. I can say that this does work I don't think it is quite the miracle cream I remember adverts making out but it is really nice at delivering moister and helping plump the skin back up around the eyes, which does help reduce the appearance of my lines.

It is just something that works well and although £17 at first seems a lot for an eye cream when you use your £5 skin vouchers its not too bad a price to pay. I really enjoy using it and find it has really rotated into my skincare nicely! Now I just need to find a serum to help with skin discolouration!