Monday, 21 September 2015

L'Oreal Super Liner in Grey

I love using felt liners I think they are easy to make a great winged liner and I feel I have a lot of control over them. However lately I have been looking for eyeliners with a finer tip to work easier with my hooded eyes.
I saw the L'Oreal ones and really liked how thin and pointed the tip was and also that it came in different colours. I decided on the Super Liner in the colour Grey, and let me tell you grey liner is now my new favourite thing ever.

The liner lasts all day and doesn't fade, is really easy to use and control and the little rubber holder makes it really easy to grab the liner. I didn't think this would make any difference but it really does help with the control of the liner.

 I know, I know, a snapchat photo, how professional! But it really shows off the grey colour of the liner which is absolutely beautiful in my opinion and really pairs nicely with my blue eyes. I always used to think that black eyeliner would be the best colour for me but I am totally in love with this liner its just perfect from the way it applies to the colour.

Have you tried the L'Oreal Super Liners? What do you think of them?