Friday, 25 September 2015

Orange Lipstick

I was watching a Marylin Monroe documentary the other week, and really fell in love with pictures of Marylin wearing a more subtle orange lip colour. I decided to play about with some colours I already owned to try and recreate a look.

I used the urban decay smokey palette on my eyes for a light grey wash of colour, tried to give myself some really luminous skin. And paired a black winged liner with the orange lipstick.

What do you all think? I love playing around with makeup lately and just taking photos of the outcome. It isn't something I share a lot of on here but I want to share it a bit more!

Also as a side note I wish my eyebrows looked like this I have been mega stressed lately and I have some bald patches in my eyebrows now *sad face*

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

No7 Protect and Perfect Eye Cream

Skincare is becoming a really big deal for me especially as I am now in my late twenties and really trying to get a skin care routine nailed down that will work for my ageing, sensitive, eczema prone skin!

Really dry skin around my eyes is something I suffer with so much and when I have an eczema flare up, the skin often looks really dry saggy and wrinkled. I really wanted to find something that would help plump the skin back up really inject some moisture and be kind to my skin all at the same time.

I decided that the No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Eyecream might be good for me. It is probably aimed at more mature skin then mine but I figured it would be really hydrating, kind to my skin and help limit the appearance of my newly found eye wrinkles.

This has tonnes of ingredients aimed at reducing your wrinkles and trying to minimise the appearance of new ones. I can say that this does work I don't think it is quite the miracle cream I remember adverts making out but it is really nice at delivering moister and helping plump the skin back up around the eyes, which does help reduce the appearance of my lines.

It is just something that works well and although £17 at first seems a lot for an eye cream when you use your £5 skin vouchers its not too bad a price to pay. I really enjoy using it and find it has really rotated into my skincare nicely! Now I just need to find a serum to help with skin discolouration!

Monday, 21 September 2015

L'Oreal Super Liner in Grey

I love using felt liners I think they are easy to make a great winged liner and I feel I have a lot of control over them. However lately I have been looking for eyeliners with a finer tip to work easier with my hooded eyes.
I saw the L'Oreal ones and really liked how thin and pointed the tip was and also that it came in different colours. I decided on the Super Liner in the colour Grey, and let me tell you grey liner is now my new favourite thing ever.

The liner lasts all day and doesn't fade, is really easy to use and control and the little rubber holder makes it really easy to grab the liner. I didn't think this would make any difference but it really does help with the control of the liner.

 I know, I know, a snapchat photo, how professional! But it really shows off the grey colour of the liner which is absolutely beautiful in my opinion and really pairs nicely with my blue eyes. I always used to think that black eyeliner would be the best colour for me but I am totally in love with this liner its just perfect from the way it applies to the colour.

Have you tried the L'Oreal Super Liners? What do you think of them?

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Makeup Revolution Blush Palette in Sugar and Spice

So as a very pale skinned makeup lover I find the whole drugstore blush game a mine field at times, Either blushes are too dark or don't show up on my skin. The amount of times I have tried a peach blush that does nothing for me is crazy. I finally got turned onto this Makeup Revolution Blush Palette in Sugar and Spice when someone told me how great it was for those of us with pale skin.

The palette has 8 blush shades and costs just 36 making it super affordable and all of the blushes have a great pigmentation to them.

Not one colour lets this palette down and I am really glad to see a variety of colours from pale to brights to super highlighted and shimmery to your classic matte colours. There's even an amazing peach toned blush in here which I am actually really excited to use.

To me this could easily replace my whole blush collection the only thing it is missing is a more plum coloured blush for the winter months but otherwise this is perfect!

Thursday, 17 September 2015


I love taking photos for my blog, and when I got a dslr camera I really wanted to experiment more then just taking pictures of makeup related items!

So on a recent holiday to Yorkshire I pretty much spent all my time taking pictures, and I have ended up with some really nice pictures that I am really happy with.

I figured today I would share a few of them with you.

Malham Tarn is a beautiful place, so peaceful and scenic I have a few pictures here but I am still working through everything and editing some pictures just to make them a bit more crisp. 
 This is pebble Pawls Uncles dog, I love this photo because it looks like she is smiling!

There really are some scenic views in Yorkshire and this has inspired me to go around more places in the UK and find some great places to photograph. I think I want to go to Cannock Chase next which is not too far from where I live.

All Photo's are property of myself, if you wish to use these photo's please contact me -

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A Rather Adult Purchase

I have finally done it! I've gone and brought an adult sofa! Not a second hand one and not a cheap £99 sofa bed from IKEA (although the footstool I got from there was amazing) I have actually ordered a proper adult sofa from SCS and I should have it in about five weeks time! 

It's pretty sad that I am this excited over a sofa but the one I have now is so old the foam and stuffing is none existent and you are pretty much sitting on the wooden frame! 

The set together costs just under £1000 and we had a great finance deal on it. I can't wait for it to come and start decorating the house. I am hoping that by getting the house looking like it belongs to us and feeling comfortable will make me feel a bit more at ease in my home life! 

What was your last 'adult' purchase? 

Friday, 4 September 2015

The Joys of Pets

When I moved out of home the one thing I really missed was having a little fur baby that would cheer me up just by looking at them!

Me and Pawl have a pet chinchilla and while it took us a long time to settle on what kind of pet we wanted he really is a little addition to our family, despite the face we think he hates us....

Pets can bring huge amounts of joy, for me its whenever I look at Hyde he makes me smile, from his cute little hands holfing onto things to his grumpy moans when he wants me to put him down and stop holding him. To me Hyde is not an accesory or anything I felt I deserved, he is a pet I wanted to fit in with our lifestyle and love and care for, and in return he nibbles my fingers eats my hair and absolutely ruins any chance of having nice wallpaper (he loves to eat it off the walls) there are no words for the joy this little guy brings me and I just felt like showing him some love and sharing him with the world because while things can be pretty shit he always brightens my day!

He melts my heart.....look at his little paw holding his apple!!!