Monday, 17 August 2015

Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation - Review

The Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundations was one of those products that just explode onto the blogging scene and everyone wants to try it, so as per my usual self I tend to wait for the hype to wind down so I can see if it is a product people carry on using before I decide to get it or not. I have been burnt before by falling into the blogger hype and not loved the product as much as I expected!

So onto the actual foundation. The consistency of this is quite thin, its a light/medium coverage that is really buildable. So it is actually my much preferred formula. I do love how this applies, I love how it looks on my skin but most of all I love how in photography and on camera this really does look flawless. It almost looks like a second better skin.

My base does look flawless in it however this probably wont suit you if you have pretty bad acne, it also wont suit you if your skin is really dry, this clings to a few of my dry patches and does settle a bit in the lines around my eyes. However that being said they are small issues I think I am mostly happy to work around as it hasn't stopped me from using the foundation.

This wears really nice, it does transfer a little bit so you can find it on your fingers if you do touch your face and I do find it slightly oxidises as the day goes on, but again these are small issues as genuinely I feel its a nice foundation. I would love to see Maybelline come out with a serum or anti-ageing version to this foundation as I think it would really combat those issues with dry patches. But other then that this is a good solid foundation and while I may experience a few issues other people may not.

Have you tried the Rimmel Dream Flawless Nude Foundation? What did you think of it?