Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Vintage Moustache

I have took this picture from a recent look book I filmed for my YouTube channel (my first ever one I'm excited for it to be published) and I figured I would share an outfit with you all on here. 

The outfit is pretty simple so it fits my style which is relaxed and comfortable. 

Firstly while editing the video I didn't realise I looked quite so tanned!! I never thought I would look good with a tan but I actually quite like it!! 

The top is quite old and is from urban outfitters and the jeans are vintage Levi. I love Levi shorts and I go to so many charity shops on the hunt for them because they can get really overpriced when you buy them online! The bangle which you can't see very well is from black tied I love their bangles and I'm going to order a personalised one soon. You can look for my YouTube channel by searching Allthingskerri and you should find me! The look book should be up later tonight so for now enjoy the sneak peak!