Saturday, 18 July 2015

DIY Coffee Scrub

Over the weekend I had a go at making my own mini Coffee Scrub Bars. 

I use a few natural ingredients for my skin care on my body because I suffer from eczema. I decided that a coffee scrub could be ideal for my stomach and legs as it lifts away dead skin and can also help combat cellulite and who doesn't want that?! 

I used three ingredients for the scrub. 
 Coconut Oil
 Organic Oats
 Coffee Granuals 

I melted the Coconut Oil and added in the coffee Granuals until I had a very thick paste like substance I then added in some oats and placed it all the set in the fridge. When it was done I cut up into small chunks and left whatever I wasn't using in the fridge. 

The scrub works really well, the oats are soothing on my skin and the coffee really works wonders as a scrub. My eczema looked visibly better because the coconut oil gives some much needed moisture to my skin. However I will say do not use too much of this as the coffee can stain the bath tub if it doesn't dissolve properly and you can run the risk of coconut oil clogging up your drains. I havnt had any issues and find that pouring some boiling water down my drains after I have used coconut oil helps. 

I think this is a massive success for me but because it can be a bit messy I am not sure how often I will use this scrub. I think for my next DIY scrub I will look for something less messy!