Monday, 6 July 2015

#30DaysOfMakeup day 4

I know that my posts lately have been just these quick little ones but I am in the process of changing jobs and havnt had a long period of time to plan out posts so it's literally just what pictures I have on my phone! 

I posted this look on Instagram the other day and so many people loved it! It was a pin up inspired look and I did film a few YouTube videos while wearing it because I had a bit of time! 

I just we to so Susan quad as my overall base mixing the colours in different ways to add depth and dimension to my face. I know that the brown pencil I used isn't an eyebrow one but I think it works for me! I just need to use a light hand. Other then that everything else was quite straight forward. The younique lip stain was a real surprise being so pigmented!