Tuesday, 21 July 2015

£1 Matte Lip Laquer - Shade 18

I saw a few people talking about these MeNow Liquid Lipglosses that are a really affordable way to get matte lip lacquers. They can be found on eBay and cost as little as £1.

I know, £1! What a little beauty bargain from eBay. The specific shade I want to talk about today is shade 18, this is being called the dupe for Lime Crime Cashmere and with all of the things that have happened with the company I was glad to see an affordable alternative. You will have to forgive the packaging it has seen much love and the writing is all rubbing off!

Shade 18 is a nice nude with a purple grey undertone. I absolutely love the colour which is why it has become one of my favourite lip colours to wear with a really dramatic eye look.

You can see the colour clearly here. It has a light purple undertone but remains quite neutral on the lips. I do love the colour of this however the formula is really drying and needs a lip balm over the top. I also find it can stick together in the corners of your mouth which isn't exactly comfortable at times! So a lip balm is essential with this lipstick. The wear time of these is great, it hardly fades and is actually really difficult to remove (which is bad at the end of the day for makeup removal but great because you know its going to last)

I have a few more of these because I do think they are great bargains, but not enough for me to go out and get the whole collection. I would rather just spend the £3 on the MUA or Makeup Revolution lip lacquers because I like the styling of those better.