Thursday, 23 July 2015

Natural Collection Loose Powder - Neutral Translucent

It has been such a long time since I owned a loose setting powder that I never thought I would buy one again, yet here I am at 26 with a new one in my makeup collection. After looking around at powders from high end to low end, I finally decided on the Natual Collection Loose Powder in Neutral Translucent.

It is really finely milled and is nice and smooth when applying to your skin, and despite there were different offerings in the 'translucent' shade like warm, neautral, and cool toned it works well on my skin colour.

I use this underneath my foundation as it gives a better finish and also to set underneath my eyes when I apply concealer to help stop creasing. I actually prefer this to many of my pressed powders as I can apply less or more without it looking cakey.

I also like to apply loads of this underneath my eyes when doing dark smokey looks because it catches all the fallout and is easy to dust away with a big fluffy face brush. I know there are many more uses for loose powder in the beauty world and I am excited to try them out now that I have this loose powder.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

£1 Matte Lip Laquer - Shade 18

I saw a few people talking about these MeNow Liquid Lipglosses that are a really affordable way to get matte lip lacquers. They can be found on eBay and cost as little as £1.

I know, £1! What a little beauty bargain from eBay. The specific shade I want to talk about today is shade 18, this is being called the dupe for Lime Crime Cashmere and with all of the things that have happened with the company I was glad to see an affordable alternative. You will have to forgive the packaging it has seen much love and the writing is all rubbing off!

Shade 18 is a nice nude with a purple grey undertone. I absolutely love the colour which is why it has become one of my favourite lip colours to wear with a really dramatic eye look.

You can see the colour clearly here. It has a light purple undertone but remains quite neutral on the lips. I do love the colour of this however the formula is really drying and needs a lip balm over the top. I also find it can stick together in the corners of your mouth which isn't exactly comfortable at times! So a lip balm is essential with this lipstick. The wear time of these is great, it hardly fades and is actually really difficult to remove (which is bad at the end of the day for makeup removal but great because you know its going to last)

I have a few more of these because I do think they are great bargains, but not enough for me to go out and get the whole collection. I would rather just spend the £3 on the MUA or Makeup Revolution lip lacquers because I like the styling of those better.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

DIY Coffee Scrub

Over the weekend I had a go at making my own mini Coffee Scrub Bars. 

I use a few natural ingredients for my skin care on my body because I suffer from eczema. I decided that a coffee scrub could be ideal for my stomach and legs as it lifts away dead skin and can also help combat cellulite and who doesn't want that?! 

I used three ingredients for the scrub. 
 Coconut Oil
 Organic Oats
 Coffee Granuals 

I melted the Coconut Oil and added in the coffee Granuals until I had a very thick paste like substance I then added in some oats and placed it all the set in the fridge. When it was done I cut up into small chunks and left whatever I wasn't using in the fridge. 

The scrub works really well, the oats are soothing on my skin and the coffee really works wonders as a scrub. My eczema looked visibly better because the coconut oil gives some much needed moisture to my skin. However I will say do not use too much of this as the coffee can stain the bath tub if it doesn't dissolve properly and you can run the risk of coconut oil clogging up your drains. I havnt had any issues and find that pouring some boiling water down my drains after I have used coconut oil helps. 

I think this is a massive success for me but because it can be a bit messy I am not sure how often I will use this scrub. I think for my next DIY scrub I will look for something less messy! 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Vintage Moustache

I have took this picture from a recent look book I filmed for my YouTube channel (my first ever one I'm excited for it to be published) and I figured I would share an outfit with you all on here. 

The outfit is pretty simple so it fits my style which is relaxed and comfortable. 

Firstly while editing the video I didn't realise I looked quite so tanned!! I never thought I would look good with a tan but I actually quite like it!! 

The top is quite old and is from urban outfitters and the jeans are vintage Levi. I love Levi shorts and I go to so many charity shops on the hunt for them because they can get really overpriced when you buy them online! The bangle which you can't see very well is from black tied I love their bangles and I'm going to order a personalised one soon. You can look for my YouTube channel by searching Allthingskerri and you should find me! The look book should be up later tonight so for now enjoy the sneak peak! 

Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Balm - Mary-Lou Manizer

I have wanted this highlighter ever since I saw it cropping up on youtube. I've really been getting into the whole strobing movement and making your face look glowing and I figured why not give Mary-Lou Manizer a go, especially as everyone seems to love it!

The packaging on this is absolutely beautiful! I love the retro pin up feel to The Balm's packaging and this one is no different. I love that they also include a big mirror in the packaging. It just gives it that nice touch. As a little side note this closes really firm, there is no chance of the lid wiggling about a bit, so I really feel that the highlighter is being protected and holds in the packaging perfectly. 

This is so insane as a highlight it is amazing. It has a nice champagne undertone and from pictures I didn't think it would suit me 100%, because I have fairly pink undertones, but I haven't used anything else for days! It looks very glittery here but it is just an intense sheen on your skin. I can find it looks obvious so I like to apply a facial spritz or a setting spray when I use this, just as it isn't so in your face then. However that is just my personal preference as I love a more natural makeup look instead of the full coverage look. If you are looking for a highlighter to make you look like you glow like a goddess I highly suggest you pick this one up. It is worth every penny!

Friday, 10 July 2015

Birchbox Uk July 2015 - Make a Splash

I love my monthly Birchbox treats and this month is no exception. Last month I felt was a bit of a dip in the quality there were no real stand out products but this month they really have made amazing selections.

This month everything comes in a bag, this reminds me so much of the subscription called Ipsy that you can get in the states and I for one hope they keep it. You could have different themed makeup bags every month!! I was a bit dubious as first when I saw the bag because it looked really small, however it hasn't stopped Birchbox from delivering a great value bag to their customers.

Inside I had

 Unani Aloe Vera Gel - Sample
Indemne Eau de Genie (facial spritz) - Sample
Soigne Nail Polish - Pistache - Full Size £11
Pop Beauty Eyeshadow - Peach Parfait - Full Size £15.50
Benefit Dream Screen - Sample

Extra Bonus
Spa to You Nail Buffer - Full Size £4.99

This month there are four different colours bags each with something slightly different however every box I have seen has had the eyeshadow and the nail polish inside you you get great value for your £10 box.

As always I am going to leave my referral code here for you, you will get £5 worth of points to spend in the store along with a Stella & Dot Bracelet worth £19 (Birchbox owns these offers and can withdraw them at any time)

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick - Liberty Matte

I how I can not keep away from matte lipsticks, or purple ones, so when you add them together I have to buy them. So when I saw the shade Liberty Matte from Makeup Revolution I had no hesitations in adding it to my online shopping basket!

Everything about this lipstick is beautiful, from the packaging to the colour, can we talk about how pretty the rose gold metal finish? I want more of these because I find them so amazingly pretty!

The formula is not straight up matte, I find liberty matte to be more of a satin, its matte but its creamy. It definatly wont dry out your lips unlike someother matte lipsticks I own. It also doesnt drag on the lips when you apply it, it just glides on so easily.

The colour can be built up to deliver a more intense colour but I tend to find it can look a bit much on the lips and not so smooth. This is much better applied from the tube and tidied up with a lip brush.

Liberty Matte is a purple lipstick with a pink undertone so I find it compliments my skin much more then some of my other purple lipsticks.

What do you think of the Makeup Revolution Iconic Lipsticks? Do you like this shade?

Monday, 6 July 2015

#30DaysOfMakeup day 4

I know that my posts lately have been just these quick little ones but I am in the process of changing jobs and havnt had a long period of time to plan out posts so it's literally just what pictures I have on my phone! 

I posted this look on Instagram the other day and so many people loved it! It was a pin up inspired look and I did film a few YouTube videos while wearing it because I had a bit of time! 

I just we to so Susan quad as my overall base mixing the colours in different ways to add depth and dimension to my face. I know that the brown pencil I used isn't an eyebrow one but I think it works for me! I just need to use a light hand. Other then that everything else was quite straight forward. The younique lip stain was a real surprise being so pigmented!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

#30DaysOfMakeup Day 2 and 3

For today's #30DaysOfMakeup post I am combining two days because I havnt had time to post day two yet but I have put it up on Facebook and Instagram ect! So here is day two 

It really was such a light makeup I didn't really feel it warranted a post by itself. 

Day three I tried to up my highlighter game using Mary-Lou! 

Sorry for the wet hair I was getting ready! 

And heres what I used today