Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Tettenhall Towers Ghost Hunt

For my birthday I had booked a local ghost hunt with two of my friends at Tetenhall Towers. The group who hosted the even were Darkside Ghost Hunts who were hugely professional and really welcoming. They also had a huge range of equipment to use ranging from Ouija boards, to haunted dolls, k2 devices and even a spirit box (which I got very excited about).

Tettenhall Towers was build by Thomas Pearson but now forms part of Tettenhall College. The building itself is fascinating, and is so easy to get lost, parts of the building are used for school (we had activity in the music room) but there is a lot of cellar place and attic space to be investigated. Below are some of the pictures I took.
 A wall in the attic space.

 This large board banged at one point in the night during free time.
 Possible Orbs (more then likely dust particles)
 This machine lights and beeps when 'spirits' are near by, it quickly beeped as I walked out of the corridor.

The event started at 9pm where we were given some history about the building, along with a run through of the equipment the team had brought. We then had a quick tour/run through of the areas we would be investigating. 

We started with a large group seance, where one guest was moved from front to back and swayed side to side, by a means of answering questions. Some of the equipment was going off in a corridor to signal a spirit was close by, there was a lot of flashing and noise from the machine. We were all holding hands in a circle during the seance as to ensure no one tampered with machines. Once the seance was over we returned to a hall for a quick break where we were split off into smaller groups. My group went into one of the cellar rooms where we conducted some table tipping. The table moved around quite a lot while pinning people up against walls. It was at this point I was asked if I wanted to have a go at the spirit box. I have wanted to use one of these for such a long time. A spirit box is a device that constantly scans radio frequencies with the idea that a spirit will use these to say words. Mostly it is a lot of static and the odd few musical note, but occasionally words come over. We went to a separate part of the cellar underneath the strange and I had headphones on the listen to the spirit box while being blindfolded at the same time. The same words 'stop' and 'listen' kept coming over on the box until the very end, just as i was touched on the knee to signal I could take off the blindfold and headphones the words 'fuck off' came over the spirit box.

This was when I rejoined my group who were mid session on a Ouija board with a spirit asking to be set free. We ended the session and returned for a break where we were given time to roam freely. During this time me and my friends went back down to the cellar where we had the original seance. A large board banged, we tried to find an explanation as some other people were walking around. But it didn't really explain the bang. As I placed a device that would make noise if a spirit was near by into a corridor it went off as I walked away. I cant say for certain if there was a spirit there or a small malfunction as it didn't happen again. I took a few pictures along with some other girls and we all experienced possible orbs. However after finding the same on all cameras we were using (there were six of us) I think more then likely it was dust particles floating around. 

Then it was time for another break and we again went off into our groups. This time we were up in the attic where we had some movement on table tipping, family members coming over on glass divination and a rather scary moment when 'ZO ZO' was spelt on a Ouija board. Then whichever spirit was in charge of the board repeatedly kept going to goodbye. We left the area an joined up for our last seance as one big group again. This is where things got a little creepy for me. While holding hands in the circle I kept feeling uneasy, my head itched and I kept feeling a scratchy itchy feeling on my neck. We turned on a torch where one of the group leaders found a scratch on my neck. We decided to use a k2 meter as a form of communication with the lights coming on to indicate yes. There was a spirit in the room which was unfriendly, it had told another person to fuck off multiple times over the spirit box. It was decided that the men would go in one cellar room and the women to stay in the same room. As soon as the men left the k2 meter spiked. I then started to feel really cold and was shaking quite a lot. The group leader asked if the spirit was standing next to me and the k2 meter spiked again. I started to get a bit freaked out at that point if I am honest! I have never had anything happen to me personally during a ghost hunt. 

The hunt finished not long after that and I have to say it was a pretty eventful evening. After sleeping everything over I am not quite as scared as I was over the whole scratching incident. I think the more ghost hunts I am going on the more I am opening myself up to things happening. While there my one friend who I always do ghost hunts with was told she should go to drakelow tunnels which is actually where we are going next month! It will be really interesting to see what will happen then! 

Have you ever been on a ghost hunt, what do you think of them? and do you believe in the paranormal?