Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Subtle Gold Eyeliner Look

I love playing about with makeup so when I was looking through my collection today and found my gold eyeliner from Barry M I just had to use it. 

The look I came up with is quite simple a winged liner look with the gold eyeliner on the waterline. It shows up best when light hits it and isn't too noticeable. It's just nice and subtle which is exactly how I like my makeup. 

I lightly filled in my brows and played around with contour. I've not mastered the skill yet but I think I am getting better. 

I wish the pictures picked up the gold but it's so subtle I'm not surprised that you can't see it. I'm also still playing around with the benefit they're real eyeliner I can't master it and get a good crisp line. I may just have to give up! 

What do you think of the overall look?