Wednesday, 24 June 2015

#30DaysOfMakeup - Day 1

A while ago on my blog I did a whole series on 30 days of lipstick, where I posted every day for thirty days thirty different lipsticks. Now I usually do not wear makeup to work unless I have woken up really early so I am not going to do this over 30 consecutive days however I will do this twice a week. So the series will run for a while. If you want to join in please do. I am going to be posting these on my facebook page and my instagram so follow along and use the #30DaysOfMakeup hashtag!

Mac Face and Body - N1
Seventeen Stay Time Concealer - Extra Fair
Benefit Fine One One
Makeup Revoltuion Definition Palette - Medium
Younique Lip Stain - Sappy
Makeup Revolution Viper Mascara - Black

Very few things on my face today! I love having a light base lately and used the definition palette from Makeup Revolution on my cheeks and as my eyeshadow.