Thursday, 21 May 2015

Helping Your Children Through The Exam Period

My stepson is currently doing his GCSEs and is getting a little bit stressed. I am sure lots of other young kids are going through this and are feeling under pressure, I remember it all too well from my GCSEs A Levels University and even at 25 the mere mention of an exam at work freaks me out! 

However with all the pressure at school I have been trying my hardest to impart some wisdom on my step son and maybe calm his nerves a bit as well. His teachers keep telling him 'he needs to do well other wise he will be nothing later on in life' 
This is a HUGE amount of pressure to put on. what is a young adult already going through a difficult time in their life! Hormones, changes and the prospect of not seeing friends again when they go off to college ect then to add on exam pressures is huge even more if they do activities outside of school! 

I had a few pearls of wisdom to help him cope with the pressure. 

1. Bite size chunks of revision are much more effective then last minute cramming. Use your exam time table to effectively work out what you should be revising and when.

2. Do as many online mock exams as possible. It gets you used to how a question is set up and what words they may use. That way there will be no nasty shocks in the exam and you can think with a level head. 

3. These exams are important, however as long as you can walk out of your exam and say honestly that you have done your best and you revised to the best of your ability, there is nothing more you can do. 

4. Relate the exams to things you enjoy. My stepson does martial arts and is doing professional fights, we have explained to him how the correct preparation helps him win a fight, that is the same way he will pass his exams by doing the right preparation. 

5. Reward yourself after you have reached your target of revision. Revise for an hour play a game for half an hour eat some chocolate. Do what you want to keep yourself motivated. 

6.  Sleep well the night before an exam and eat a good breakfast. Sleep is important otherwise you won't concentrate during the exam same goes for food, give your brain and body some good energy. 

7. Try not to fret about results once the exam is over forget about it other wise you could still be thinking about your physics answers in your exam about Shakespeare!! Concentrate on what your are doing, not what you have done or may do what what might be! 

8. Relax as hard as that is at times you can not always be revising you will wear yourself out. Take time to chill out. 

I hope anyone having exams finds this helpful, and I hope parents remind their children to do their best. Ultimately the teachers will hand over the best way for students to prepare for exams and all we can do is support them as best as possible. 

Good Luck if you are taking exams!! 

Monday, 18 May 2015

Rimmel Rita Ora Nail Polish - Porta-loo-blue

I decided to start using some more summery and spring time colours on my nails to give myself a much needed colour boost! I usually wear dark colours however I want to inject more colour where I can do without buying a whole new wardrobe painting my nails is the next best way! 

I picked up this Rita Ora Rimmel Nail Polish in Porta-loo-blue 

Honestly I'm not a fan of the name I get its supposed to remind you of summer festivals but I just find it a bit of a disgusting name! Porta-loos are not cute at any time! 

However I absolutely love the colour it leans between a mint almost teal colour and lucky for me and my lazy ways you really can get away with one coat. 
Two would give you optimum coverage but one is fine if you are in a rush. 

I really like these Rimmel Nail Polishes as I find that they don't leave brush strokes and look really shiny after applying them! 

I think this would look equally great with some glitter over the top! I also can't wait to use this polish in some nail design! I'm trying to be more adventurous with my nails rather then just leaving it until the colour chips off completely! 

Have you tried this polish? What did you think of it? 

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Wah London Press On Nails - Going Up Going Down

I got these Wah London Press On Nails in a recent birchbox and at first I didn't want to try then as I have huge difficulty finding false nails that fit me properly. However I tried a few next to my nails and they seemed like a good fit and the more I stared at the design, the more I fell in love. 

You get twenty four Nails with the Wah London Kits aswell as some sticky things to apply them with and a small nail file. I'm not quite sure how to describe the sticky adhesive, as I thought it would be thin and very easy to use and manipulate on your nails like good old stick on nails back in the day. However this was more like a thick sticky gel! It's so strange but it is raised from the surface of your nail but is very very strong so holds the nail on well. 

False nails always look very obvious on me and the Wah London ones are no exception. The design looks great but I think a darker pink would be more suitable for me then the light pink. 

However the main failing point of these nails is what you stick them on with.

The adhesive is just too thick in my opinion and not greatly shaped to get to the edges of your nails so I end up feeling like they do not sit right. I can't help but think glue would just be better for these. So I am going to get some glue and try that! 

At £9 I don't think I would buy these because I don't like the application that is supplied but I do love the designs so I am really torn over my feelings about these!! 

Have you tried these? What did you think of them? 

Monday, 11 May 2015

Pommade Divine Natures Remedy Balm Review

I tried Pommade Divine Natures Remedy Balm as a sample in a recent birchbox. After using it and finding it really helped with some of my skin conditions I decided that I just had to get the full sized version!

Pommade Divine is a balm that is made up with 97% natural ingredients. It has its roots from the 1800's and after reading up on the product was apparently very famous amongst nanny's as they claimed it was a 'cure all balm' around the 80's the balm stopped production but lately has been brought back.

It has various ingredients that are, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and moisturising. It claims it can soothe bruises, cuts, scrapes and even insect bites, protect inflamed skin, deep miniaturisation, even prevent the likelihood of scarring.

However I decided to use this on my arms and legs to help with my eczema. The balm I figures would be slowly absorbed meaning I get a protective shield on my skin as well as some deep nourishing benefit to the skin. I also figured that the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties in Pommade Divine would really help on those bad days where the skin is inflamed and cracked open (either from a bad flare up or me scratching in my sleep).

I'm going to add a cut into this blog post here so not everyone has to see the pictures of my eczema. So a quick summary is yes after using it for two weeks I saw a huge improvement. So read below if you want to actually see the difference.

I will tell you it costs £19.80 and you can buy it here. But in my opinion and based on how it has changed my skin it is 100% worth it!

Friday, 8 May 2015

May Free Your Mind Birchbox - 2015

Another month another birchbox post for you all.

The box design was quite cool this month as it is left for you to colour in, they even give you a little box of pencils too. I think this is nice yet a bit gimmicky as 'asult colouring books' are very popular right now.

Inside there are 6 beauty samples this month and I suppose the box itself and the pencils come as your lifestyle bonus (they are classed as a seventh item)

Inside I had

Wah London Press On Nails - £7 (full size)
Caudalie Tinted Moisturiser - £27 (sample)
Parlor Sea Salt Spray - £17 (sample)
Jelly Pong Pong Bronzer Duo £15.95 (Full size)
Absolution Youth Activator Mask - £29 (sample)
No4 Reconstructing Hair Mask - £36 (sample)

It is really nice to get two full size products this month and some really generous sample sizes. The Jelly Pong Pong blush is a nice item for me as both the product and ingredients are cruelty free which is nice to see.

I cant find many codes this month however I do have one.

If you use my referral link we both get £5 of birchbox points to spend in the store however use the code MAY100 you get an additional  £10 of points giving you £15 worth of points to spend!

My Referral link

As usual I have no idea how long these codes will work for.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Black & White Hair Pomade *

I am not really one for styling my hair as it is so fine it never holds the style. I always have to use tonnes of hairspray which leaves it feeling pretty crispy and I just want never happy with the outcome.

I got a very interesting email the other day inviting me to try the Black & White Hair Dressers Pomade (which works in the same way as a wax) I instantly jumped at the chance especially after reading a bit about it! 

Black and White Wax have been nominated for Best High Street Wax at the 2015 Hair Magazine Awards. Already winner of this category on more than one occasion and with over 90 years in the industry Black and White Wax has become something of an iconic hair product. Whenever I try hair products I always gravitate towards the tried and tested ones, the ones that have stuck around and are still popular. 

I love how simple the packaging is here there's no gimmick to make me buy it, its not hot pink to draw my eye in, its just simple packaging that actually looks quite nice on my dresser!

Inside you get a decent 50ml of product and considering how little I out through my hair, this is going to last a really long time. 

There are two main uses I have discovered so far for this

1. Smoothing down my fly away hairs! 
At the gym this is the thing that bothers me I have fine baby hairs around my face that I could never get to stay down but this wax manages it, and does it without looking greasy!

2. Finishing my style

I work Black & White Pomade throughout the mid sections to the ends of my styled hair, and it helps to keep it in shape without loosing any of my hairs natural movement. I kind of like that messy look to my hair so I just style my hair, work a bit of the wax between my hands and then scrunch it into the end of my hair. It works well and as a little bonus smells quite nice too! 

I'm so glad I gave this a go and at RRP £4.95 I will 100% repurchase when it runs out!

Available at most retailers like superdrug, boots, and most supermarkets. 

*This was sent to me as a PR sample, whoever opinions are 100% my own.