Monday, 20 April 2015

Joining the Gym

So after a couple of years at my new job it finally dawned on me that all I do lately is sit at a desk occasionaly walk to the shop and eat junk food all day long!

I decided that I really should change it or at least work out to combat the bad effect of junk food! I have always maintained that you could eat pretty much what you wanted and maintain a good weight as long as you exercise properly.

I decided to join a gym thats local to me because a gym would give me a wide variety of different exercises that I can do to help keep me in shape and target certain areas of my body.

So I got myself some snazzy trainers and I try to go at least 4 days a week. I do a mixture of treadmill, cycling and rowing as my main work outs. Then I do targeted work on my arms and legs and always finish off with some work to my abs. I generally spend about an hour and a half minimum there doing various degrees of difficulty. Next month when I feel like my overall fitness has improved I can get a custom workout designed for me by an instructor. That will be loaded onto the smart card my gym uses and from there I log in and it tells me what machines to go on automatically sets the difficulty and changes it for me and even tells me what machine to go on next!

I already feel the benefits of working out I am no longer tired, I have more energy and the most amazing feeling is when I wake up, I genuinely wake up I no longer feel like 'oh I could go right back to sleep'

So I am really enjoying the gym and if you are always feeling tired and like you have no energy, I suggest you give it a try and see how you feel afterwards. It may just help re-invigorate you!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

MUA Undress Your Skin Foundation

I love finding myself a little bargain, and there is nothing better then finding yourself a bargain foundation that works! This MUA undress your skin is one of those little hidden gems for anyone looking for a drugstore foundation with good coverage.

It costs just £5 and for that I think the packaging is really nice, I love the tube, and I also love how it is almost like a champagne gold colour, it looks pretty nice sitting in my storage!

The colouring is pretty decent, it is quite yellow in its untertones but once blended in and a full face of makeup applied it doesnt look too bad, even on my more pink toned skin. If you can find a shade that suits you (there are very few shade choices) I suggest picking this foundation up, as it looks and feels really nice on the skin. It does wear off during the day but nothing too bad. I am going to link a video of me applying the undress your skin foundation for the first time, so you can see how it applies.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

April 'Royally Good' Birchbox

Hello everyone,
I have been gone for a while because my dad went missing (which a few of you in this lovely community helped spread his pictures around the internet) he returned home after three days but unknown to any of us had been suffering depression for a long time, everything got too much for him. So we are now working through all the fall out and I feel like coming back to youtube and blogging may help take my mind off some of the things going on!

So stepping away from the bad things lets get on to the good stuff!! My birchbox arrived this month and boy was I excited! We got to pick a Laura Mercier sample this month (I believe new sign ups can still pick a sample) and I was so so excited to get my hands on the foundation primer!!

This was a really great box this month, you get six samples instead of the usual 5 and the theme of 'Royally Good' we get a lot of higher end more luxury samples. Also the boxes come in this blue design or a pink one to celebrate the birth of a new little royal baby (I think it's going to be a boy but all my family think KAte will have a girl)

You get a Laura Mercier Sample of your choice (primer, eyeliner or mascara)
Lola Barcelona Nail Polish (worth £7.50)
Percy & Redd London - Volumising No Oil Oil
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish + Muslin Cloth
Pommade Divine Natures Remedy Balm (97% natural ingredients)

Bonus Sample
BeFine Warming Clay Mask

The Pommade Divine has to be my favourite sample. I have already ordered the full size AND it has been working wonders for my eczema!

If you want to sign up to birchbox click here, at checkout use the code RUBY and you will recieve a free box from the previous month. Thats TWO boxes for the price of ONE!!

****EDIT**** I have been informed that the code ruby is no longer working please try emerald or diamond instead.