Sunday, 29 March 2015

My Favourite TV Shows Right Now

1. Raised By Wolves 

This is a channel4 comedy set in wolverhampton my lovely town home. It's so funny to be able to see and hear my place of birth on the TV and recognise the places they are on about. 

2. Catfish
Season 4 has hit my tv screen and omg is it the craziest thing ever! All this online secrecy and detective work makes for interesting tv! If you have ever met anyone online and wondered who they really are this show may just put you off ever meeting them! 

3. IZombie

I have only seen the pilot episode but it's so great to have a new TV show concept a zombie who helps solve crime! It's a great premise and looks to be a really promising show.

4. Orphan Black

This is possibly my favourite TV show ever. It's only two seasons so you have time to catch up before the third season starts. If you love scifi and clones and action you may just love this. Tatiana plays the different clones so well you often forget she plays everyone add in the complex feat of a scene with herself it's a very technical show. 

What tv shows are you all enjoying!