Thursday, 12 March 2015

Ginvera Green Tea BB Cream

BB creams never really appealed to me as I had not seen or tried one that gave me the kind of coverage I would want in a base for your face, I tend to find that BB creams (especially those available in the UK) are heavier then tinted moisturiser but do not give any extra coverage.

I recently tried a sample of the Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream and this is much more like the traditional Asian BB Creams that started off the BB craze.

This is a little bit thicker then tinted moisturiser but offers almost a medium coverage for the skin. I was surprised at how well this covered by redness and felt soothing on the skin. This claims to nourish skin, have a brightening eddect and protect against UV rays thanks to the spf30 in the BB cream. This claims to give a natural matte finish which I really have to agree with, it looks flawless and like my skin was just better!

To use this I just apply a small amount on my fingers and work into the skin where I need coverage, mostly across my cheeks and my nose area. The cream itself spreads really well so you will not need to use a huge amount meaning you can really get the most out of a sample size like this. I love the fact that I can apply this and forget about it for the rest of the day which is really why I would want a BB ccream, something easy to use with minimal effort but gave me the kind of coverage I wanted. I just do not think I have found one readily available and affordable in the UK yet.

What are your favourite BB creams?