Sunday, 11 January 2015

January Birchbox 2015

Yay the first Birchbox of the year has arrived and this month is all about hitting refresh! This January Birchbox have teamed up with Women's Health Magazine and I think it is actually a pretty good box this month.

Inside the box this month we have the usual cards (including a subscription to women's health magazine offer) and a mini 12 challenges booklet with ways to kick start a new year. There are 5 samples and two 'lifestyle' extra.

1, Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalp Shampoo
 I am really glad to get this, I am not the biggest fan of Philip Kingsley stuff I feel like it weighs down my hair but I think the other option was a volumising conditioner and that would seriously have weighed my hair down as I tend to keep away from conditioner so it was nice to see another shampoo, it is a sample I can really look forward to using.

2. Stila Lip Glaze in Glimmer
This is full size and at £15 easily covers the cost of the box! This is a nice peachy nude with lots of gold shimmer in, I am not a huge lover of lip gloss but this year I want to try to challenge myself with makeup so I am ready to give it a go, I understand loads of people love this gloss so I hope it can change my mind about how horrible glosses are!

3. Heal Gel Body
This is a tiny sample and I don't really know a lot about heal gel other then they make an eye cream that a lot of people rave about! I am happy to try this I don't think the sample will go a long way but it might be good to use on my dry elbows!

4. Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum
Another sample I am really really happy to get! I have really been getting into my skincare so the more skincare samples I get the better for me! I have never tried anything by Caudalie so I am really excited to give them a go!

5. Active Bod Showergel Concentrate
Who knew you could get concentrated showergel's? I thought that was just for cordial drinks! This works on the same basis that you need to use half as much to get your usual shower out of it! This size will be great for if I ever get round to starting the gym and if not it will just be great to use in the shower!

6. Embrace Match Green Tea
I am not a big tea drinker and by that I mean I do not drink tea (I know how un-british of me) but I think this is in a powder form rather then a tea bag so I might add it into a juice to get the extra anti-oxidant goodness from this!

7. Birchbox Pilates Band
This little pink elastic goddess comes in at £8 and is actually really good. I never figured that a rubber band would add so much resistance to normal everyday exercises that I am really looking forward to incorporating this into a routine. This will help build muscle endurance and tone you up! Brilliant as I just got some new clothes that fit my in the sales so I don't want to loose weight but toning up is definitely on the agenda and I think it will be easier with this little baby!

I am amazed at this months Birchbox and I think it is a really great box to start off the year! I have a few codes for you now if you want to sign up to birchbox,

Referal Code - using this code to get your box gives us both £5 worth of birchbox points to use in their online store (they sell full size of all the items and even sell things like benefit and stila)

Entering the code JANBB when purchasing your box will get you an original beauty blender worth £16