Sunday, 25 January 2015

Goodbye Lucy

Today has been a very tough day. Today is the last time I will ever see my family dog Lucy 😭

Lucy is dying of old age and it breaks my heart to see my once lively dog loose her sight, her hearing, her sense of balance and even her sense of knowing where she is. She looks so sad all the time and looking in her face and seeing sadness is such a heartache. I know that when she is taken to the vets tomorrow it is really the best thing for her. It's amazing how a pet can take a part of our hearts and be a member of your family, it will be so weird to know that the next time I go to my mom and dads house Lucy will not be there :( 

I'm sorry that this is not the usual beauty post but I wanted to share the beauty of my dog and the sad fact that she won't be here anymore, but I do find comfort in knowing we gave her a happy life and that she had such a special place in all our hearts! We have many more happy memories of her then sad and she has had so much fight and spirit but sadly her time is up. 

Goodbye Lucy I will love you and remember you always ❤️