Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Blogger Issues

Now I have been blogging on and off for a very long time almost 5 years in fact and I am going to compile a list of all the worries, doubts, and little annoying things I have ran into while blogging!!

1. Picking a blog name is seriously hard! 
Really really hard, why does no one ever say this to anyone....or why did I not just pick something simple when I started I was called little pretty things it was just not an easy thing to remember! All Things Kerri is much much better! 

2. Bloggers Block.
The struggle is real and despite what people say there is no way to get over it!Just write when creativity smacks you in the face and in the mean time read some new blogs! Bloglovin is a great site to find new bloggers to read!

3. Things will come in and out of fashion like no ones business.
You do not have to keep up and it is perfectly ok to still love somthing that is not on 'trend' right now.

4. It takes up a lot of time.
And I am sorry guys but my full time job comes first got to keep a roof over my head and lipstick on my lips somehow so when I do not post I am busy with life! It doesn't half get in the way sometimes!

5. You will spend an insane amount of money. 
All in the effort to keep up but you know what, you do not have to and a lot of the more established blogs probably get PR samples which helps them to no end but you my friend may just have to write about your old beloved foundation rather then the 'new omg best foundation just like your skin but it's not at all' foundation. 

6. When did everyone decide to hate on makeup wipes! 
I remember the times where there were loads of posts about makeup wipes (everyone who has ever blogged in the UK probably at one point has said I use my £5 No7 voucher on the face wipes they take off my makeup great) but then one week everyone suddenly decided wipes were terrible and the liz earl hot cloth cleanser was where it was at, then it was clarisonic, then it was cleanser balms and now its micellar water (that stuff actually is great and when people move onto the the next thing I will still be loving mine) p.s I also still use makeup wipes when I am especially lazy or you know drunk.....

7. There is NO measure of sucess.
If there was I would be a pretty poor blogger I have very little followers for someone who has been doing it as long as me (not that I dont love you I really do and everyone who reads this is my blogging best friend for life) and the only time a PR company has ever got in touch with me was to write about some house of holland underwear paired with Barry M nailpolish (which I did hoping it would open up some other options....it didnt) if you decide to do blogging for free things or followers or stat numbers (or money) you are in the wrong game! 

8. You will become obsessed with at least one makeup item.
Enough said on this...it's like searching for the holy grail item you accumulate so much it just becomes some never ending stock pile of mascaras eyeshadows foundations and lipsticks blushes you name it you will have more then the average person needs, and people will think you are crazy for it! 

9. You will feel shit.
At some point the blogging self doubt will creep over you and you will onder if you are good enough, if you have the right equipment (answer no someone will always have better) do you take your pictures well enough (answer yes as long as you can see it) why am I not as good as the next blogger (answer the next blogger is not you and if you concentrate on what others do there is no way you will grow a blog as yourself it will just be some knock off of another blog)

10. It is really really fun
I have never made a huge amount of friends from blogging but those I have made I still talk to now, it is a great way to meet new people with the same interests and you may even get to go to a few events! Plus if you just like writing (like me) you will find the whole process a lot of fun!