Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Avon Hollywood Collection Glimmerstick Eyeliner - At The Flicks - Review

I love picking up some budget beauty ecsentials from Avon. They have agreat range and I really love some of their basic stuff like powders, eyeliners and mascaras. I decided recently to get myself the new Avon Hollywood Collection Glimmerstick Eyeliner in the shade At The Flicks (otherwise known as black!)

The Eyeliner itself comes in a twist tube and is fairly basic in terms of packaging. I do like the gold writing but there is noting too fancy or special about it.

 The product twists out in this rather strange angular way, I assume this is shaped to help you do winged liner easier and the actual plastic shape reminds me of the new benefit push up liner, however this is not a gel liner at all so is not really easy to do a flick with.
I have actually found the glimmerstick eyeliner to be a bit tricky to work with. It feels very hard, it drags on my eyelids which is really uncomfortable and mostly it has such an uneven colour. It is not fluid at all. I hate to say this but it really is a terrible eyeliner.

You can see here the uneven application it fades in colour is not a strong black and honestly doesnt look too good. I suppose trying to find a bright side is that this eyeliner does give a crisp line so *if* there was a softer more easier to use eyeliner in the packaging I imagine this would be really great for winged liner, but for now, it is a bit too harsh and hard to use so will probably go into a pile of things I regret buying!

Have you tried this liner? What were your thoughts?