Sunday, 18 January 2015

Advice To My Younger Self

I am 25 and I think I am currently having some kind of quarter life crisis! I keep wondering what I am actually doing with my life where I am going what do I want *Will I ever be able to afford a house of my own?*

So I decided as a bit of a laugh and a giggle I would look through some old photo's that I could find and have a laugh and talk about the advice I would give to a younger me! So here we go a letter to younger uncertain me....


I am about to embarrass you quite a lot, and comment on some of the things that happen in your life, but trust me it is kind of therapeutic!

 *all hail myspace and the terrible photo's* blurry out of focus photo's are going to be your saving grace! at least no one will be using these to catfish anyone you really can not see my face at all!
*ahem* you could never ever pull off the trilby hat I am glad you threw it away! You will do some stupid things before you turn 18 like underage drinking, supposedly falling in love  (you don't you are like 15 its not love)
 You will meet some crazy people and while you may be 18 here and in uni you do not look like so please always take your ID out do not loose it every other week and do not think just because your mates got in the club you will never works. 
 This cat will mean the world to you, and you will still talk about him after he dies, no other cat will compare to him and do not worry he loves you just as much, you know he sits outside your bedroom when you go to uni because he thinks you are in bed sleeping? and then your mom has to bribe him back downstairs with tuna but he will sit in your seat everyday and wait for you to come back home for a visit.
 Dying just one side of the underneath of your hair actually was pretty cool but be prepared soon you will be a whole manner of different colours....
Because you sat like this the majority of your time, I now have really bad hips.....thanks.....

You will have a lot of crazy times at uni not all of them good, learn to have fun and forget about the fact you hate your course (oh wait no that's one thing I actually did listen to myself on)
 This will always be the best reaction picture to opening a present ever, you will still have that computer 4 years later and you will thank your mom for it every day
 you will still be amazed you can make these things and to the point where you think about openings up a party balloon decorating shop (in the process so go for the things you love and follow your dreams)
your sisters will aways be the most important thing in your life and even if you do not speak for a while you will always love each other, your older sister is now having her second baby (second its a shocker we all know) and your little one will always ask when you are having a baby do not feed into her pressure!!
 you will eventually break your little sister out of that black hair, it was never a good look for her, and you will run the race for life with your aunt
 who is wonderful
 you will always want this haircut again and wonder if you can still pull it off, the drastic change look what what you needed after getting dumped by that knob, who you are much much better off without!

 your love of check shirts starts early but throw away the waist belts they do nothing for you and your figure is pretty defined already, make sure to love everything you do, at this point in your life you were miserable at uni but knew you had great supportive friends.
you will go to the graduation night out even if you didn't graduate (btw you don't graduate you walk out of uni with half a year left because it was making you miserable) and you see all your friends again, its not the last time either do not worry these are friends for life and while you may live far away from each other now they are always on the other end of facebook, who knew facebook would become such an important part of your life (I am very glad you moved away from myspace)

 This man and his son will become the most important things in your life, and you do everything you can for them, even allowing him to contemplate quitting his job and taking him to uni open days because it is his dream to study drama. You will work extra hard to make sure you can keep a roof over your head and while you feel like everything gets hard and too much, he is the reason you smile everyday. he will see you at your lowest like when your nan dies he will hold your hand and comfort you, he will be at any doctors appointment you need and will drop whatever he is doing to come and help you. You will learn to love his son no matter how hard taking on a teenage step son is, you will look forward to the day he moves in with you....its coming soon!

 the above man will force you to go on a football stadium tour, you say you will hate it but actually it was pretty good, always keep your mind open to new things!

And for now, things may be uncertain, will the man of your dreams actually go to uni this year or will he find some other thing he wants to do, the time that your stepson can pick to move in is fast approaching and you are currently trying to better your own job prospects as well as juggle the possibility of opening a party shop. Life is unexpected and wonderful and although you stress and worry a lot you have wonderful people around you!

What would you say to yourself given the chance?