Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Making Healthier Food Choices

With so much choice in food especially this time of year, I sometimes find it difficult to keep to a healthy diet, give me sugar and fatty food any day! It has dawned on me and Pawl that this is not the most healthiest of diets, especially with him being older we want to keep ourselves in tip top condition!

So I have changed just a couple of things in our daily diet and hopefully it makes a big difference!

Breakfast is always a piece of fruit now, two if it a small fruit like a small banana, generally I love to go for a big Granny Smith apple, they taste nice and give me a nice boost for the morning.

For lunch right now I love nothing better then a salad with fish sticks and mayo, I sometimes throw in some croutons but generally try to avoid it. I tend to pick more crunchy style leaves for my salad as I find them nicer and sweeter to eat. I try to use a really small amount of mayo or I opt for a light salad dressing with educed fat content in them.

 For dinner I tend to cook hearty meals, usually fish or chicken based with potatoes and veg, but I like to mix it up and I cook meatball and pasta and bbq pulled pork baguettes. I try not to limit the last meal of the day and  cook whatever I am craving that day! Add in some exercise (Daily for Pawl on doctors orders) and I think we can see the beginning of a healthier lifestyle for both of us!