Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Late Halloween Makeup

I have been away for a few days trying to sort out some things at home, I never try to pressure myself into writing on my blog and just spend time doing it when I feel like it! So although it is a little bit late, I wanted to share with you my Halloween makeup.

I decided to go as Medusa using fishnets to make green scales (which didn't work too great) Some 65p snakes from wilko's in my hair! Finally finishing it with green lipstick (which is actually eyeliner!)

 My mate Siobhan wanted a huge cat mouth painted on her so I did my best with my limited skills, then panicked as I realised I use a semi-perm eyeliner and she had a interview the next day! Thankfully it came off!
 and finally Matt was Hannibal! We didn't do much we just went to our regular pub quiz and gained extra points for dressing up!

How was your Halloween did you dress up?