Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Jess Nail Polish

While looking around poundland the other day I came across a stand of Jess Nail Polishes I needed a green for some halloween nails I was doing and decided at a £1 I can't really complain if it ends up being a bit rubbish!

However The Jess Nail Polish is actually really nice!

 The colour I picked up is this beautiful green in the shade 'Rio' Can I just say how much I love the fact that the polishes have names? So many times 'cheap' brands are let down because everything is numbered but having names for colours gives a really nice touch. Secondly I love the size of the lid, I love these big chunky lids and I have always liked spending an extra pound or two on say Models Own polish then Barry M as I just find the lid easier to hold and use, so I really like that Jess have given their nail polish a chunky lid.

The Bottle do look rather small and I thought maybe you would get a smaller amount of polish then other brands. You get 9ml of product for you £1 here and comparing it to other brands there is not much difference Barry M give you 10ml of product, Nails Inc give you 10ml the closest good quality polish in price point would be Essence for me and you only get 8ml with them! So there really is no skimping on size.

As for texture of the polish it goes on smooth and you really only need one coat however I like to go for two if I know I will be wearing it for a few days as it lasts a bit longer and looks a bit richer in colour. You can see the colour below on my frankenstein nails.

For £1 I am really impressed with these nails and I can not wait to go and get some more! They really are good value and god quality! Quite a hidden gem! These are sold exclusively at Pounland.