Tuesday, 21 October 2014

TV Shows That Are Distracting Me

We all have our own little bits of distraction mostly I watch films or read a book but lately a few TV shows have really got my attention and I spend most of my time going 'well if I do this now I will have time to watch this show'

1. The Walking Dead

It is back for its fifth season and oh my days was episode one a heart racer! I loved every second and I can not wait for monday nights when I get back home and get to watch this after work.

2. Release The Hounds

This is a UK TV game show where groups of three go into the grounds of a house and they are filled with gory tasks to complete to get money. After each round you get told how much of a 'head start' you have and one of your team member has to win your money by running away from a pack of trained dogs. Its scary and its amazing to watch!! Some of the tasks have been horrible especially the clown with the chainsaw!!

3. American Horror Story

I stopped watching during season 3 I like the idea of a coven but it just was not as good as other series of the show. But I have to admit I am really liking the freak show element so far. Adds a great new chapter to the story and I can not wait to see what happens next!! (P.S that clown is super creepy)

4. Ghost Adventures

It is so corny I love it, I love to go on ghost hunts so I love watching ghost hunting shows on TV this is one of my favourtie ones to watch and despite what people say I do not think that this one is entirely made up, sure some bits are for entertainment but some of it is pretty damn good!!

5. Breaking Bad.

Ive already watched all the shows before but I really fancied watching them again! It has been one of the best TV shows I have watched in a long long time!

What TV shows do you think I should try? There are a lot of good super hero ones coming out in the uk soon like Gotham, The Flash, so I might end up watching those, and everyone keeps saying I should watch Orange Is The New Black. Anything Else I should watch?