Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Organised Makeup

This week I have tried to organise my makeup as best as possible with the small amount of space I have!
I have one of those 4 drawer plastic sets the bottom two contain craft items as they are big enough to contain everything, then ontop of those I have a few storage bits and then some bottles and hair stuff! I also have a desk with a pull out drawer.
So my first acrylic storage contains things I really want to have on show, things I love and theres a mini moisturiser and eye cream hiding behind MAC face and body.

The other storage bit has mascaras lip liners a few eyeliners a beauty blender and a few other bits. Behind that I have my sprays, hair bits and cleansing waters. 

Next up Ive decided to put an acrylic storage holder on my desk with either lipsticks I love in or things I want to blog about it. 

In the first of my larger drawers I have all face items so my foundations my primers my powders my concealers and blush and bronzers all live in here. In the little birchbox bag I have a few samples to keep everything in one place.
 The next drawer down has eyeshadow palettes a box of loose eyeshadows and a pot of eyeliners. There is also a box of nail polish in here too theres not many because my boyfriend hates me painting my nails in the bedroom!

In my desk draw I have two trays of lipsticks, theres a headband and mirror at the back I like this set up more then I had before. 
Finally on the other side I have a random box, and then all my brushes with a few cotton pads and some jewellery bits to the side. 

I am so happy with this set up right now I can pretty much see everything and I can get to everything easily.

How do you store everything?