Friday, 17 October 2014

Harry Potter Warner Bros Tour

Last Saturday I had the most magical experience I have ever had in my life. As a massive Harry Potter fan getting to go to the Warner Bros tour was such a great experience for me. To see all the props walk around it sets and see all the concept art was so amazing.

Im not going to post all the pictures here (spoiler I took over 1000) but I will tell you it is worth every single penny and is such a brilliant day out and would make a brilliant present for any fan of the books or the films.

 The cupboard under the stairs.

 Files from the ministry of magic.

 Me outside Privet Drive standing all wonky!!

 The amazing Diagon Alley.

 One of the most spectacular things I have seen this scale model of Hogwarts is HUGE

 ALL OF THE WANDS (there was thousands one for everyone in the film)

playing out my stepson me and pawl :)

Have any of you guys been? What did you think?