Sunday, 12 October 2014

Comme Des Garcons 2 - Gift Idea

The other day I got this sample of Comme Des Garcons 2 (CdG2) and it is unisex perfume. This smells different to me and my partner I think we pick out different scents in it.

Here are all the notes that are in the fragrance. Japanese Sumi ink, incense, patchouli, cedarwood, angelica root, vetiver, magnolia, amber, labdanum, new aldehydes, cumin, cade oil, absolute maté, abslolute foli.

I really smell the incense, amber and the cedarwood it smells very warm and earth like to me. It is a instant smell that is instantly warming and then it lasts such a long time. Me and Pawl both get compliments when we wear it which is always nice, I think because it has such a strong earthy warm scent it really appeals to people.

The packaging on the full bottles is really interesting it is almost shaped like a pebble and is a reflective silver colour. It looks very stylish! This is a rather expensive scent the cheapest place I have found it is Escentual which has discounts on the RRP.

Pawl is pretty impressed with this too. From a mans point of view he likes the smell but most of all he likes that it stays a strong scent on him for around 4 hours and then gets lighter later on in the day. He currently has Davidoff Cool Water but he likes this one much better because it lasts longer. I definately think I am going to get him a bottle of this for christmas as I think it makes a great gift for a loved one.

What are your favorite scents?