Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Why I Do Not Photoshop My Face

In the beauty blogger world you see so many beautiful people and I always feel a bit sad, that so many of them tend to photoshop pictures of themselves. Don't get me wrong I may knock up the brightness a little bit if the picture is looking a bit dark, but when I want to show you swatches, or how a product looks on me, I dont photoshop my face.

For me its important that you actually see what the product looks like, but also that I just look like me. I don't want to fall into the trap of, I can fix my spots, or get rid of wrinkles, or enchance the colours, if I do that I don't think you get a true reflection of me, or the products.

I am happy with my face and my own confidence means that I am largely happy to let you all see my flaws, do I wish my wrinkles were a little less noticeable and that I didnt always break out on my chin? Hell yes, but I'm not going to conform to a 'beauty standard' that says I shouldn't have those things or I should 'fix' it if I do.

Here I am, just sitting in front of a window, with an Iphone for my camera and you can see my face, but more importantly you can see the spots, the puffy eyes, the wrinkles under my eyes, the unkept eyebrows my whispy blonde bits of hair I forever miss when dying it! And I love it! I honestly wouldnt have it any other way! I am not perfect, neither is my blog, neither are my very bad photography skills but I don't aim to be perfect, and that my friends is why I will not photoshop my swatches, or shots of my face! Embrace all your flaws my fellow readers, as they are really what make you beautiful :)

I am also not bashing people who feel the need to photoshop pictures of themselves to look or appear better, it is just a personal choice I made not to do it!

Lots of Love