Monday, 29 September 2014

Urban Decay Naked 2 Dupe - Makeup Revolution Iconic 2

Dupe Alert!! I think this is my first ever dupe post with actual swatches and stuff! I love my naked 2 palette from urban decay and I love it, the cool toned colours are perfect for my pale skin. So when I saw Makeup Revolutions iconic 2 palette I knew I would get it to compare the two!

The two palette have a similar array of cool toned neutral colours with lots of options for a variety of looks.

On the left we have Urban Decay and on the right is Makeup Revolutions offerings.

The above two pictures are the same swatches you just could not see the bottom ones very clearly in the first picture. 

Again the same swatches but so you can see the bottom ones too.

I think the metallic colours are pretty close, especially the gold and copper tones they look almost identical. However the more matte colours in the Makeup Revolution shadows are slightly under pigmented compared to the Urban Decay shadows, especially the black shade, the black in Urban Decay is just the most pigmented black shadow I own.

For £4 the Makeup Revolution offering is a great alternative if you do not have a lot of spare money! But in my opinion I would rather wait a few months and save up for the Urban Decay Palette especially if you want a quality palette you will use day after day, if you are just after a few shades then the iconic 2 palette may be for you.