Friday, 19 September 2014

The Ten Year Old MP3

Rooting through my draws last night I found this little beauty containing 95 songs from the early 2000's

A Samsung Yepp 512mb MP3 player that is at least 10 years old!I cant believe this actually still works!

This thing has survived 3 house moves and 3 full on moves to and from university. It contains a library of memories from my mid teens to my early 20's. So for a bit of a nostalgic post I figured I would share some of the most meaningful songs with you!

1.Sugababes - Ugly 

I love this song even now, the message is powerful and always makes me feel better about my appearance.

2. The Killers - Mr Brightside

My Anthem!! This was always played, going out? Stick on Mr Brightside, getting to that midnight tired point while clubbing ask the dj to play Mr Brightside, doing anything at all in life? Stick on Mr Brightside! It brings me back to my first year of uni instantly it was pretty much an anthem for everyone who went to my uni, it picked everyone up and guaranteed to have us on the dance floor and you could hear it being blasted out of speakers everywhere during essay writing and especially dissertation year!!

3. Mayday Parade - If You Wanted A Song Written About You All You Had To Do Was Ask.

 I loved Mayday Parade I was gutted they were mostly an American band that not a lot of people in the UK knew about! They were a mix between Blink, Fall Out Boy mixed with most other slightly emo punk bands! This was my breakup anthem!! I played this all the time!! 'And I hope this makes you happy now, that the flame we had is burning out'

4. Blink182 -Feeling This

All Blink songs can be played here! All of them. Get every album and bask is the glorious 90-00's pop punk feels! I was lucky enough to see them a couple of years ago on the reunion tour and amidst all the mid twenty year old reliving their youth there were a lot of younger fans! It never amazes me how many people blink pleased with their music! They seriously are brilliant!

5. Gym Class Hero's - Girlfriend

I loved this song, I love the video it was so cute and Katy Perry was in it as she used to date the singer! This was just so catchy, I used asked my boyfriend if he remembers it and he is currently going around going 'babababa' listen and you will get what I mean!

6. Linkin Park - Numb

I love Linkin Park so much, one band I wish I could see!! Breaking the Habit is a particularly good video for a song!

7. Muse - Starlight

I was lucky enough to see muse and they sound even better live! Black Holes and Revelations was an album I always had on in my second year of uni!

There are other bands on there ranging from good charlotte to shania twain! I loved and listened to it all! So there is my little trip back into memory lane! It was fun!

What songs instantly take you back?