Sunday, 21 September 2014

Philip Kingsley - Elasticizer - Review

When I received this in a She Said Beauty box many moons ago I was so excited as I thought the answers to my hairs needs had arrived!! A pre-shampoo mask that would improve the texture of my brittle hair and stop the snapping! Hooray!

However it appears that I was to be left disappointed. The Elasticizer didn't do much for my hair at all. I put it down to my hair being too damaged from over bleaching and left it at that. So when it arrived in a recent glossybox I was happy to try again.

philip kingsley elacticizer

My hair is in much better condition now, the ends are still a bit brittle but it is no longer over processed. So I had high hopes that the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer would add a bit of life to my coloured hair, give it some shine and make it easier to manage.

However sadly I have been left disappointed again. The whole process just seems a faff to me, having to wait 20mins before I even shampoo, and then finding I need to shampoo two or three times to get the product out of my hair. It is far too heavy for my fine hair and just makes it a bit lank and greasy looking. Not what I was after at all. I avoided my roots like the plague but they still looked terrible after using this.

Despite all the glowing reviews I just do not think it is suited to fine hair, and is probably made for those with thicker hair. If you are after a bit of nourishment and moisture a simple hair oil will do the job far cheaper then this will.