Saturday, 27 September 2014

Makeup Revolution Salvation Lip Lacquer Rebel

When I saw that Makeup Revolution has released some new colours in their Salvation Lip Lacquers Rebel was on the top of my list of ones to get! How could I pass up another red matte lip colour? As if I didn't own enough already!

However this is slightly special, most of the colours I own a of a red variety, this is still red but it leans to more pink berry shades that looks absolutely amazing! 

I have to say I think they have changed to formulation of these, it feels easier to put on and looks nicer too. It no longer feels as obvious on the lips and the packaging it comes in is better too! I now just want them to get rid of the writing font for where it says Salvation Lacquer because to me it is just not pretty which is why you can not see it in my picture!!

You can buy the Makeup Revolution Lip Lacquer here for £3. It is a complete bargain and this one has jumped right up to the top of my lip products I love just after my Lime Crime Velveteens!