Thursday, 18 September 2014

MAC Prep and Prime Primer

 I have been looking for a good primer to fill in my fine lines and make my foundation last longer. When I saw that the MAC facebook page were giving away free samples of prep and prime I jumped to fill in all my details and awaited eagerly for the sample to arrive.

I enjoy using this, the consistencey is nice it doesnt feel overly silicone based. It is a nice primer, it goes on really easily, and actually feels a bit like applying a moisturiser there is no sticky residue to be seen.

As for keeping my foundation in place it really does, I have been told that this is probably more suited to oily skin my a MAC artist and I totally agree as on my nose and cheeks things just looked better but on my drier chin and forhead it really did not make that much of a difference. It does however make my foundation look smoother and I find I do not have to apply powder as much. For the £21 price mark I think I will see if I can find anything that does a similar job for a little less money.