Monday, 15 September 2014

I Love Makeup - I Sold Out Lipstick

I think that the I <3 Makeup range is part of Makeup Revolution? I think (from my understanding) it is a slightly more expensive offering? With a few other bits thrown in. I picked up a lipstick from them, being a lipstick junkie I really wanted to see if they were nice.

I <3 Makeup Makeup Revolution I Sold Out

The box is really cute and the tube itself has a similar look and shape to a MAC lipstick tube, but is a shiney reflective pink. The size of it actually reminds me of the Lime Crime lipsticks because they are a big bigger then usual lipsticks.

I <3 Makeup Makeup Revolution I Sold Out - allthingskerri

 I was actually really surprised by the softness of this lipstick, it is really creamy and almost melts as it glides onto the lips. It is honestly not as pigmented or intense in colour as I was expecting, but still applies a good colour. I would really urge you to get these if you wanted to branch out into darker colours but were not 100% sure.

I <3 Makeup Makeup Revolution I Sold Out - swatch

Because of how soft the lipsticks are you would need a lipbrush, or a lip liner to get a tidier application. I like to apply direct from the tube as I am lazy and usually with a firmer lipstick, I can get a pretty percise line, however with the I <3 makeup lipstick, I had to work a little harder.

This does wear off due to the glossy finish on it, and it transfers onto everything, because of that it does not last a long time, but one bonus is it tends to fade all at the same time, and not just in patches, so it will look ok as it fades. I do worry the lid may come off in my bag as it is a little wobbly but it should survive in an inside pocket in the bag.

At £2.99 it is not a bad price for a lipstick, but honestly I would stick to the £1 versions from Makeup Revolution, they are just as good, if not better.