Wednesday, 24 September 2014

I Love Makeup Definition Palette

When I was browsing through Makeup Revolutions website a few days ago I came across the I <3 Makeup Definition palette, it looked so much like the sleek palettes that come with a bronzer blush and highlight that I instantly found it in my basket!

I actually really like the packagine on this, sometimes I think makeup revolution can pick rather ugly fonts to go on the packaging but this looks so nice the metallic pink writting contrasts so well with the ultra glossy plastic casing! It closes with a satisfying snap which is really important as too often I break blushes as they do not close as tightly as I want them too and the ruin easily in my bag!

I actually picked the shade range medium here as I liked the blush colour better. It is almost a dusty rose pink that is completely matte. Bonus points for the bronzer being matte too, it makes it a great contouring product!  The highlight is a nice bright peachy colour but it is just not as shimmery as I would like.

As you can see the colours are not too dark fo me even though I picked the medium shade in the definition palette. The blush and bronzer are really amazing here and the blush probably makes the whole palette better. But really the highlight lets me down, it is abvious I have it on rather then giving me a 'glow from within' look that I like better with cream products.

I am wearing it here and you can see that ith a light hand the colours are not too intesnse for my pale skin and they suit it really well! Now if they would release these with different coloured blushes maybe a lilac purple toned one, a peachy one and a plum colour I would snap them all up so quickly!

At £4.99 this is a bargain for the blush and the bronzer by themselves. You can find the I <3 Makeup Definition palette here.