Wednesday, 3 September 2014

#30DaysOfLipstick -Day 24 - collection 2000 cherry pop

Sorry for the less then impressive quality of my ipad pictures :-/ 

Dont ask but better pictures will resume soon, it was this or not getting anything up at all, an as I am so close to the end of this series I didnt want to not post! 


This lipstick is a nice blue toned red colour. It can be quite dry on the lips but it does offer longlasting colour. Its very bright and stands out well, and I think would suit a lot of people. 

Its actually really easy to apply from the tube, some reds work better with a brush but this is just really easy to apply one swipe and you are done. 


Omg im ashamed at the lighting in this one! At least you can see the colour! 

Kerri xx