Friday, 11 July 2014

Thinking Of A Return To Youtube

I have been away from YouTube for a long time, not because I am not watching YouTube any more (I am) but I was beginning to have some bad experiences on their and life took its toll on me.

I began to get really horrible messages telling me to go jump off a cliff, and how terrible I was ect, and at a time I was battling my own personal problems, one of them being the death of my nan, I decided to step away from something that had previously given me happiness.

It is not until recently watching some of my favorite YouTubers that I began to think about coming back. All of my video's are still up and I would like to return to a hobby I once loved!

however I don't want to fall into the trap of 'omg I have to keep up with every other beauty blogger' this time round I am going to concentrate on videos I would like to see and not keeping up with what everyone else is buying. these videos may include DIY projects and chatty videos anything I feel like filming that day.

If any of you are on YouTube and are reading this I would love your channel links so I could subscribe to you all!

My Link is -

Lots of Love